Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important skill for all people to implement into their everyday lives. In order to truly give meaning to our actions, we must have an underlying reason for doing them. The first step is goal setting. Everyone on the Wahconah Cross Country Team is responsible for creating an individual running goal and a personal goal. After the individual has created their goal, they will meet with coach for a few minutes to describe their goal, put it in writing, fine tune if necessary, and ensure there is a deadline for said goal. (Note: some goals cannot be created at the beginning of the season because they will be determinant on their performance in a race. In this case, runners must make this clear before their meeting time).

All runners must follow the criteria of Peter Drucker SMART goals.

All goals must be:

Specific- Be sure to make your goal specific enough so it is clear that you have accomplished it. For example, to say that you want to be the best runner that you can be is too general as opposed to being the best runner in Berkshire County. 

Measurable- By measuring your goal, it makes it clear that you have accomplished it because others can see that you have done so. For example, you can pick a specific race, date during the season, or workout that we do during practice.

Attainable- Your goal must be realistic to your abilities and the abilities of the team. Be sure to create a goal that you will be able to accomplish in the time allotted.  

Relevant- The goal must be relevant to the criteria written below.

Timely- All team goals and individual running goals must have a timeline of the end of the season because they are cross-country specific. The personal goal-setting goal may exceed the season to the end of the school year.


Individual running goal

This goal represents something that you would like to accomplish by the end of the season that is specific to cross-country. Some examples are; get an all-time best time on a 5k race, running a faster time at a specific course, running a race without walking, accomplishing a specific workout without stopping, making varsity.

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Personal goal

This goal does not have to do with cross-country, but is a personal goal for yourself that may last throughout the entire year. This goal may have to do with academic work, personal relationships, family, or anything else that you would like to improve on as a human being. If this goal is too personal to share with the rest of the team, then it does not need to be shared with anyone other than Coach.

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Team Goal

The team will create a team goal together. This can be decided by the captains if the boys and girls will do a collaborative goal or if the girls will make their own goal and the boys will make their own goal. 

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