Wahconah Cross Country Family Handbook

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Boys’ and Girls’ Head Coach – Matthew Pegorari – mpegorari@cbrsd.org

Boys’ and Girls’ Assistant Coach – Aaron Udel – audel@cbrsd.org



1.      You commit to all team practices, races, and events . . . part of being there is being ON TIME!  If you have problems with attending something, it is your responsibility to notify a coach ahead of time

2.      All coaches, teammates, guests, and parents deserve your respect.

3.      We expect your best effort and attitude during practices, races, dinners, team events, and in school.


Attendance Policy:  Athletes are expected to be on time at all team events.  All team events are considered mandatory unless otherwise stated.  All athletes MUST LET A COACH KNOW BEFORE THE PRACTICE/EVENT – notifying coaches after the fact will automatically be considered unexcused. 

Excused: medical appointment, funeral, college visit, academic help

Unexcused: errands, clubs, intramurals, tardiness, detention, babysitting, etc. (1 unexcused absence results in a loss of that week’s race, 2 unexcused absences result in being removed from the team)

Tardiness: the only excused tardiness is for academic help; all other lateness will result in penalties (2 days tardy in a week means no race that week, 5 days tardy results in being removed from the team)

*Students coming late to practice for after school academic help must bring a pass with a signature from a teacher with the time they left the classroom. 

Unexcused absences and tardiness will affect practice, racing, and leadership eligibility. 


Schoolwork Policy:  Remember that you are first, and foremost, a student.  All academic schoolwork comes before team responsibilities.


Drug/Alcohol/Substance Abuse Policy:  Our policy is “zero-tolerance” and may go beyond MIAA and school consequences.  Any teammate who is caught using alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances may experience consequences that include (but are not limited to) one or more of the following:

  • Removal from practices

  • *Please note that all cases are dealt with on an individual basis.


    Removal from races

  • Ineligibility for the WMass race

  • Loss of captainship or leadership position(s)

  • Additional school consequences

  • Additional MIAA consequences


Practices   Most regular practices are held at Wahconah Monday-Friday from 3pm-5pm.  Some Saturday practices may be required.  Weather may also cause some practices to move days, times, or locations.    

Practices are mandatory unless otherwise noted!  If you are unable to attend, need to arrive late, or need to leave early . . . you MUST NOTIFY A COACH AHEAD OF TIME!!!  If you stay afterschool to receive help from a teacher, you must bring a signed note from that teacher stating what time you left their room to join practice.  If you miss a practice, you are personally responsible for making up the workout on your own time.    


Races Races are busy and exciting days.  Students are expected to take the team bus to and from the race.  If any athlete plans to leave a race, only a legal parent/guardian may take an athlete home.  If a parent/guardian wishes to take their student home, a signed note must be presented to and approved by the athletic BEFORE the race. This must be done the day before a race or the morning of a race. All athletes without a note are expected to return on the bus – unexcused departures will not be allowed without prior authorization unless an emergency as occurred. Athletes may go home ONLY with their own parent/guardian.  Athletes may not go home with other parents or families unless authorized in advance by the athletic director and coaching staff. 


Varsity and JV Status- The top 7 runners for western MA along with the three alternates will be considered varsity runners for both teams.